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Probate is the process by which a deceased person's property is allocated to heirs and creditors.  Through the probate process, a court oversees the distribution of a deceased person's property, known as the estate.  How a person's estate is distributed can be dictated by a valid will or, if no will exists, by statute.  The probate process is very intricate and many steps must be followed before an estate can be distributed and closed.  At Halstead Law Offices we work with you to successfully and timely get through the probate process.


A will codifies how you wish to have your estate distributed upon your death.  While a valid will ensures that your wishes can be met, a will is subject to the probate process described above.  One manner by which to avoid probate is to put in place a trust.  A trust names a trustee and, rather than a court overseeing the administration of your estate, the trustee does so without court oversight.  Halstead Law Offices will address your needs for a will or a trust and work with you to draft whichever best meets your needs, ensuring that your wishes are carried out after your death and that your loved ones are burdened as little as possible.


For various reasons, people may challenge the manner by which a deceased person's estate is being administered whether it is being administered through the probate process or through a trust.  If this unfortunate circumstances arises, know that Halstead Law Offices understands the difficulty this causes and can provide the necessary legal experience to navigate through a trial if necessary. 


Litigation entails any dispute needing resolution through the court process.  Whether it is a contract dispute, a property dispute, or a business dispute, Halstead Law Offices can help.  Having previously litigated construction defect claims, IRS matters, diverging property claims, contract matters, and various business disagreements, there are few matters subject to litigation that Ms. Halstead has not addressed. 


Once a final judgment is entered in an initial legal proceeding, it can be challenged through the appellate process to a higher court.  Halstead Law Offices provides appellate services for all matters including, but not limited to, estate litigation, general litigation, criminal, and family matters.  Halstead Law Offices is also pleased to provide amicus briefing for pending Nevada Supreme Court cases in which you or your organization are not directly involved but the results of which will directly affect you.


Family law is a broad category and includes divorce, custody, child support, guardianships, and more.  Of all categories of law, family law can be the most contentious as it usually entails representing families in crisis.  Here at Halstead Law Offices, we understand this dynamic and have the background and skills necessary to work with you and your family to get you through what is likely one of the most stressful periods of your life and we will do so patiently and professionally without engaging in legal posturing that will likely compound an already difficult legal situation.


It is likely that you or someone close to you has, at least at some point, been involved in the criminal justice system be it a traffic citation, a Driving Under the Influence charge, or maybe even a drug charge or a charge of violence.  Because at Halstead Law Offices we deal with families, we deal with the criminal issues that families sometimes face.  We will explain to you the charges, your rights, the criminal justice system, and your options whether you are the accused or you are the victim.  The criminal system can be very daunting.  We can help.